A unique Fixed Income paying Trust Account offering distributions to members of up to 15% per annum.*

Don't wait for the right market conditions to achieve consistent, fixed income returns. Get your money working for you in an easily manageable administration platform.

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What is a Hestia Trust Account?

The Hestia Trust Account is a safe, secure, low-cost administration platform for holding and managing your assets.

The trust structure allows for regular income distribution while ensuring tax efficiency.

Hong Kong is a modern, tax-efficient jurisdiction for Trust Accounts, couple that with a robust regulatory regime and it hits the spot!

Fixed Income Opportunities in 2021

The Global Fixed Income Markets are estimated to be worth $119 trillion this year. The largest group of fixed-income holders are Institutional firms, which includes pension funds, endowments and insurance companies, etc. Next come the Sovereign Wealth funds who also allocate to the sector. Institutional holders dominate the space due to high informational barriers and large minimum transaction sizes and costs.

These barriers are being slowly broken down as more and more individual clients increase their appetite for high yielding fixed income solutions. There is considerable diversity in fixed income securities, which are mainly traded Over The Counter (OTC) rather than on established exchanges. That trading approach can make it difficult for individual retail, sophisticated, HNW & UHNW clients to gain access to such opportunities. Hestia overcomes all of the obstacles that individual clients encounter when trying to access such products alone. It achieves this by securing allocations to a range of high yielding fixed income opportunities.

About Hestia Trust Account

Designed for use by individual and corporate clients with an objective of enhancing the income they receive each year from their capital. Hestia allows them to access a diversified range of boutique Fixed Income opportunities that are not readily available to the retail market because of their high entry levels. All of the products displayed have low entry levels and have been pre approved for holding within a Hestia account.

This is made possible by utilsing the services of the Zetland Group who have been a provider of independent fiduciary services in Hong Kong since 1987. Zetland Trust Limited are appointed as the Administrator and Trustee of all Hestia Trust Accounts and are a licenced Trust and Corporate Services Provider registered under Section 78 (1) of the Trustee Ordinance (Cap 29) of Hong Kong.

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